Sizzle N Spices

Yellow Dal Tadka                                                                                      $8.99
Traditional organic lentil curry topped with a caramelized mixture

of onions, tomatoes 'n' spices. Comes with organic rice

Chicken Curry                                                                                           $8.99
Tender free range chicken pieces simmered in a traditional dark

sauce. Comes with organic rice

Tandoori Chicken                                                                                     $8.99
Free range chicken bone-in marinated in a tandoori house sauce.

Comes with organic naan

Chicken Biryani                                                                                        $8.99
Organic Basmati rice with spice glazed free range chicken,

slow cooked to infuse the rice with the rich flavor in the

North Indian tava style

Tofu Tikka (Vegan)                                                                                  $7.99
Organic tofu marinated overnight in a tandoori style house sauce

cooked in a cast iron skillet

Tofu Hariyali (Vegan)                                                                              $7.99
Organic tofu marinated in a special house mix of onions, cilantro,

garlic, ginger, 'n' spices, 'n' cooked in a cast iron skillet

Mango Lassi                                                                                           $3.99
An organic mango flavored drink using organic yogurt

Organic Rice (Vegan)                                                                             $2.99

Organic Naan                                                                                          $2.99